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 Welcome to Eagle’s Wing Manor!

     We are so pleased to have you come and enjoy God’s good pleasure with us!Below is a lot of information, a few rules, and perhaps even a smile or two that is designed to make your stay here safer and more enjoyable. 

General guidelines:

1.  No Smoking, if seen smoking, our insurance provider will assume you are on fire and promptly throw water on you! 
2.  No alcoholic beverages, “be filled with the Spirit, not with the spirits…” 
3.  No venturing beyond the yellow “No trespassing signs” God may own it all but we don’t! 
4.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read and sign the release form. This must be signed by everyone. We expect this to be done prior to your arrival. 
5.  Phone numbers: Jan (937)962-8312   Bob: (937)974-5551 
6.  For emergencies call either 911 or hit the appropriate key on the security key pad. There is one on the pantry wall leading to the garage and one at the top of the second floor stairs (to the right). 
7.  The Manor is on a septic system (we ARE in the country!) and therefore please do NOT put anything in the toilets except the “necessary” paper. 
8.  Please help us conserve electricity by turning off lights when leaving a room. Please be sure ALL outside lights, especially the house floodlights) are off before retiring.  

UPON ARRIVAL (and after you’ve signed the release forms!!)

1.  Please acquaint yourselves with the kitchen cabinets and their contents.
2.  Cooking utensil, plates, cups, silverware are provided for your convenience.
3.  The refrigerator is stocked with soft drinks, juice, bottled water, condiments and a few “starter” foods for your visit. Please enjoy!
4.  Towels and washcloths are stored in the closet in each bedroom. Tissues and “necessary paper” are provided in the bathrooms under the sinks.
5.  There is a clock radio with alarm in each bedroom closet, should you need such a thing on a retreat.
6.  We stock two (2) small medical cabinets for emergency situations, one is located in the first floor hall closet and the other is in the pantry before going to the garage.
7.  Although the facility is furnished, there may be special needs that we have not provided for. Just call and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your request.
8.  Reading and video materials are found in the Library, please, help yourself and remember to return items back to the Library when finished with them.
9.  Ministry materials, Christian Blue Pages, brochures and other free stuff are available in the downstairs lounge area. Please feel free to take home anything on that table.
10.  In case of fire, there are window ladders in the two closets at either end of the second floor. Please acquaint yourselves with their location.
11.  In case of a tornado warning, we request all guests to proceed to the basement.
12.  A special notebook, detailing ideas of interest about Innkeeper and the area has been prepared for your perusal. You will find it in the Library. 


1.  In touring the grounds, please abide by the restricted area signs.
2.  Please respect the property and clean up any trash you may take outside with you as you enjoy the grounds.
3.  Hammocks and chairs are available in the summer, PLEASE only one person at a time on the hammocks!!!  We had several mishaps last year which required repairs.
4.  There is a hot tub and swimming pool next door, at the Inn. Please call and make arrangements to come and use them. 


1.  When you leave, please do not remake the bed. We don’t know which one you slept in and if you remake it, we’ll only have to strip and remake ALL of them.
2.  Please collect all trash and place in the receptacles located in the garage.
3.  Take any open, refrigerated foodstuffs with you when you leave.
4.  All dishes and kitchen utensils should be cleaned and replaced in their original locations. There is dishwashing soap under the sink.
5.  PLEASE report any and ALL maintenance and/or repair issues before departure.
6.  PLEASE sign the guest book!
7.  If you have any suggestions for improving our service to you, please let us know. Future guests will appreciate it!
8.  IF you inadvertently leave something behind PLEASE call Jan ASAP and we will hold it for pick-up.9.Plan now on your next visit…we’ll leave a light on for you! As a sign of good stewardship, we have read through this instruction sheet and having no questions, we agree to abide by its terms while using the facility. 

Signed ________________________________________ Date______________ 

Signed ________________________________________ Date______________                                                                                                                                                           


           In consideration of the hospitality and services received by the undersigned, and for other good and valuable consideration received, the undersigned hereby absolutely and unconditionally release(s) and forever discharge(s) Innkeeper Ministries, Inc., and their respective personal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns (collectively, the “discharged parties”), from any claim, demand, cause of action, liability, loss, cost or expense of whatever nature, arising out of or relating to the undersigned’s use or occupancy of the facilities and lands owned or operated by any one or more of the discharged parties.

The undersigned acknowledge that the use or occupancy of any such facilities or lands is solely at his, her or their own risk. The undersigned further acknowledge that the granting of this Release is a fundamental condition to his, her or their permission to use or occupy such facilities and lands.

Dates of Occupancy:                                        _____________         


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